about the virtual storage manager™

At upickstorage.com we are continually striving to make our process as functional and efficient as possible.  This time we feel like we have outdone ourselves with the newest function; The Virtual Storage Manager™ (VSM)! The VSM is a 3-part application that can be used wholly or separately to integrate/manage your company’s inventory, list your pricing and specials online and create auto-counters to respond to customer’s request for storage.

For the first time in industry history there is an automatic live-action virtual negotiator for self storage unit rentals.  It is no longer necessary to respond to each and every customer’s rental request. The auto-counter feature of our VSM will tend to any and all customer requests 24/7. Customers will receive real-time responses from your facility after hours and on the weekend.  It will negotiate offer prices, accept customer bids and reply with special messages. When your facility capacity is low, you can use the auto-counter feature to offer discounted prices to customers without exposing your pricing to your competitors.

When a customer’s offer falls within range of the unit price you specify, the offer will be automatically accepted.  Then, it’s business as usual - you will receive an email letting you know that you have a new renter.

The process is easy, and you have full control of the information disclosed to the customer about your property.  Select your unit size, set the highest and lowest prices you are able to accept for that unit, then select the increment threshold (if any) that you would like to counter offer.

The Virtual Storage Manager™ is a 3-part application. Although these three options are available "a-la-carte", the VSM works to quickly and easily integrate all of these site features. Even with a large number of units, it can take the the end user (you) just a few moments to enter in your criteria and the system less than 20 seconds to update.

XYZ Storage in Austin, TX uses CenterShift for their inventory management. Our interface allows them to submit their Centershift user name and password to access their account. After this is done, our system will syncronize and add their location(s) to our site to make the locations available for customer offers, city searchs and zip code searches.

Optionally, they can also syncronize their available units along with their price and details so that potential customers can locate, access and reserve units via our website. Our system will update their unit availability periodically to be sure their listings are up to date accurate.

(The auto-counter feature is the part of the application that respons to customer requests instantly) At XYZ Self Storage in Austin, TX a 10x10 is $150.  The owner of XYZ Self Storage goes to upickstorage.com and says that they would love to get $160 (ceiling price) for the 10x10, but they will take $140 (floor price) because they have 14 available right now.

Now the owner sets the threshold for the first counter at 50%. This means that the first counter will go out at $160, the second counter will go out at $150, the third counter will go out at $145 and the fourth counter will go out at $142.50. Notice that each consecutive counter goes out at 50% of the range between the last counter price and the bottom price. If you do not wish to discount your price you can set your threshold at 0% or if you want to go straight to you bottom price, you can set it at 100%. The threshold is a measure of how agressive you would like to counter the customers request. This feature is the most efficent means to get your unit availability and pricing to potential customer. Even if you opt not to use the VSM as whole, we strongly recommend establishing auto-counters. The quicker you respond to customers, the better.

The Virtual Storage Manager™ allows the owner/manager to update upickstorage.com effortlessly.  It also takes the headache of negotiation out of your hands, and allows you to maintain rental-rate integrity better than ever before.

The Virtual Storage Manager™ feature of our site is now available.  Log on to your account and you will see the VSM icon on your management dashboard. 

As always, our friendly and knowledgeable representatives are here to assist you with any questions you may have with the new VSM, signing up for our service, or help accessing your account. 



We now integrate with Centershift and SiteLink!