Businesses Finding New and Inventive Ways to Cut Costs

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Economic Meltdown: Some Businesses Finding New and Inventive Ways to Cut Costs
Savings found even in the most unsuspected places

Groans about the global economic downturn can be heard in every U.S. household.  Many people are looking for ways to cut costs to survive until the next expansion.  For most, downsizing their homes is not an option.  Over the last 30 years, self storage has become a necessity, but with less and less “extra” money lying around, it has found itself to be an expendable one. is on line.  A new website that allows storage consumers to name their own price is now available online.  Customers looking for airline tickets and hotels have been able to name their price on line for some time.  Now people searching for self storage for their goods can name their price.  In addition to naming their price the consumers also have the flexibility to pick the size, location and climate of their desired storage.  The customer fills out a simple and quick form describing their ideal storage unit and then submits the offer to all the storage facilities who meet the description or search criteria.

“We wanted to create a website that would help both the facility owner and the customer.  By creating new customers and traffic for the facility, we are helping the proprietors and by allowing customers to electronically find their own unit at their own price we are helping the customer.  It’s the perfect site for both the proprietors and the consumers.  In the current economic climate being able to negotiate a lower price for any product is a bonus, but now for the first time people can find the storage they need for the price they want to pay.” 
- Arlen Braud President and Creator of

The company has chosen the state of California to be its pilot market.  California has a strong and robust storage market which is uniquely situated for testing the launch of the website.  For further information phone Arlen Braud on 985 960 3087


Brandon Braud
V.P. of Sales and Marketing


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