Facility Owners

No setup fees. No monthly fees. No membership fees.
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This is a FREE BUSINESS LISTING exclusive to self storage facility owners. Being found on the internet is integral to being located by new renters. By having your facility listed on upickstorage.com, you increase your chances of being found on the major search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing.

At upickstorage.com, our goal is to dramatically increase traffic to your facility, and to be an integral part in your getting rented to capacity.  Being part of the upickstorage.com network is a tiny fraction of the cost of virtually every other form of advertising, and it is 10 times more effective!

Our concept is to create a website that is new and innovative, yet familiar.  People have grown accustomed to the online auction style of shopping online.  Ebay, Orbitz, Travelocity, Hotels.com, etc... have all become staples of commerce in America. 


  • List an unlimited number of your location(s)
  • List your hours of operation
  • Appear in customer city and zip code search results
  • Setup auto-counter responses that will send automatic replies to customers.
  • Post your company logo or brand
  • Display images of your facility and staff members
  • List your pricing and unit availability so that it is searchable through our site as well as the World Wide Web.
  • Receive a preferred placement listing over your competitors
  • Add an unlimited number of manager accounts
  • Access to The Virtual Storage Manager™ to synchronize your Centershift or SiteLink management system
  • Instant rental alerts by text, fax or email






Give your web site an extra boost through custom changes to your profile page.

  • Add 3 phrases to your keyword block
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Simply listing your facility with upickstorage.com can help tremendously with your SEO goals. Taking it a step further by customizing your page content, meta content and linking directly out of our site into your own site will give your website the push that it needs towards better rankings on Google and other major search engines. It will save you time and money.

Contact us at seo@upickstorage.com or call us at 888-678-6730 to learn more about these additional services.



Do you use SiteLink or Centershift to manage your inventory? If so, you are probably going to find tremendous value in our Virtual Storage Manager™

For the first time in industry history there is an automatic live-action virtual negotiator for self storage unit rentals.  It is no longer necessary to respond to each and every customer’s rental request. The auto-counter feature of our VSM will tend to any and all customer requests 24/7. The VSM will sync with your current system and keep track of your available inventory and changing prices.

The VSM makes it easy to showcase your facility online.

For more information on how The Virtual Storage Manager™ can benefit your company, please go to http://upickstorage.com/VSM