FAQ. freqently asked questions

  • Are there any additional fees for customers?

    No. Customers do not pay any additional fees at upickstorage.com.

    Although, in some cases, the customer may be required to pay a portion of one month's rent up front before a unit will be place on hold. Again, this is not an additional fee and does apply to part of your rent.


  • Can I talk to someone if I have further questions?
    Yes.  You may contact through email at support@upickstorage.com or by telephone at 888-678-6730.  We have operators standing by to assist you Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm CST.
  • Is my offer actually being sent to these facilities?

    When you submit your offer to upickstorage.com, you will get automatic responses from any member that uses our Virtual Storage Manager (VSM). This automated system delivers up-to-date inventory availability and serves as a conduit to negotiate the best price between the facility and the customer.


     For members and non-members who do not use the VSM, your offer is sent to them  via fax, email, text message and phone call where applicable. Offers from other members and participating non-members will usually be delivered after a few hours.

     In short, we work hard to contact every single facility on your behalf and will only provide the customer options to reserve a facility after that facility has been contacted and the potential rental has been approved.