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In order to maximize the number and quality of responses you get for your offer for storage, here are a few items of interest.  If this is your first time shopping for a self storage unit, it is important to know what to expect. has compiled answers to our frequently asked questions, as well as some general knowledge consumers should have before storing their belongings.  If you can’t find the information you are looking for, please feel free to contact one of our representatives via the Live Chat feature of our website, or give us a call.  We are glad to help you.

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Know what sized unit you will need. 
Below you will find a breakdown of average sizes that most self storage facilities carry.  The average height of each unit varies, but is generally between 8 and 10 feet high. | back to top |

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  • 5x5
  • (25sq. ft.) –  The size of a very small bathroom or hall closet
  • Perfect for storing extra items such as a twin sized mattress set, seasonal items, clothing, books, bicycles, record file storage, boxes, etc.
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  • 5x10
  • (50sq. ft.) – The size of a walk- in closet
  • Store 1 or 2 bedrooms in this sized unit
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  • 10x10
  • (100 sq. ft.) – The size of an average bedroom
  • Store the furnishings of a 2 bedroom apartment
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  • 10x20
  • (200 sq. ft.) – The size of a small one-car garage
  • Designed for a 2 bedroom home, including a king sized mattress, major appliances, furniture, clothing, boxes, etc.
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  • 10x30
  • (300 sq. ft.) – Equivalent to an oversized one car garage
  • Can accommodate the entire furnishings of a 5 bedroom home.


Know what offer price to bid. 
In order to maximize the number of responses that you receive from facilities, it is best to enter a reasonable price for the size unit for which you are searching.  We here at understand that as a customer, you are trying to get the best possible price for the product you seek.  Making an offer that is close to the average price for the storage space you are trying to purchase increases the likelihood of your offer being accepted.  The majority of facilities tend to view the offer price submitted as being a reflection of how serious a customer is about storing their belongings.  No matter what your offer for storage is, it will be submitted to all facilities within your search radius, and we here at will work diligently to place you in your desired unit.  Please do make note, that a “low ball” offer will likely get few responses.    | back to top |   

Know when to choose a climate-controlled unit. 
It is important to know that the temperatures of climate controlled storage among self storage companies varies greatly.  Typically, the definition means that the temperature of the unit will not go below freezing in the winter, and will not go above generally 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer months.  Depending on the facility you store with, climate controlled storage may even mean that units are air conditioned in the summer months, but not heated in the winter months.  Humidity control is NOT a part of climate controlled storage; though some facilities in regions with high humidity offer the humidity control as an option (some units with this option may have additional costs). 
   The major advantage of climate controlled storage is maximum protection from the elements.  Any items such as family heirlooms, antiques, music instruments, photographs, candles, etc. should be kept in a temperature controlled environment to ensure their protection.  Most other items that are generally kept in storage such as appliances, mattresses, large furniture and boxes of items would be fine kept in a non-climate controlled unit unless stored for a long period of time.  Also, if you live in a more temperate region, your items will be perfectly fine stored in a non-climate unit. | back to top |

Know how far you are willing to travel for your storage unit. 
When picking how close you are willing to travel for storage, please be honest.  We here at understand that you are trying to find the best option in your search for storage.  Typically, customers search within a 10-mile radius of their home- this maximizes the opportunity for a great deal.  If you are storing items that you will not need frequent access to, please do submit your offer with a higher search radius if you are willing to travel that far.  Or, if you happen to live in a less-populated area, we encourage you to submit an offer with a high search radius.  Please note that when you submit an offer with a high search radius in a heavily populated area, your offer may be accepted at a facility that is further than you are willing to travel. | back to top |

Know when you are going to need storage. 
Please let us know when you will need your storage unit by.  We prefer that when you submit your offer for storage, you will be ready to move-in within 7 days.  When facilities respond to your offer, they are expected to hold the unit you requested and await your confirmation.  It is important to finalize your reservation with the facility of your choice as soon as possible.  This ensures that the unit will be available to you when you are ready to move-in.  Delaying your response for a period longer than 72 hours may cause the unit to be rented to another customer, especially if the facility only has a minimal number available. | back to top |

Know how to finalize your reservation. 
After you submit your offer for storage, you will likely receive responses instantly.  When you see an option that you like, please don’t hesitate to accept.  Depending on the facility you decide to go with, you will either need to put down ½ of one month’s rent as a reservation fee or you will simply need to enter your correct contact information.  If you need to put down a payment, please follow the prompts sent to you via the contact email address you submitted.  You will need to enter your credit or debit card payment information.  WHEN DOING SO, PLEASE GIVE US A VALID PHONE NUMBER WHERE YOU MAY BE CONTACTED SHOULD ANY ISSUES ARISE.  Also, should you need any assistance in the final step of your reservation, you may click on the “Live Chat” link at the top of the page, or you may call our toll free number (888)678-6730 and one of our representatives will be glad to help you in any way they can. | back to top | is here to help you find the best place to store your valued belongings.  You can shop for units that you would like to purchase immediately, or you may submit an offer on your terms- any special needs you might have can be noted in the “Special Instructions” area of your offer.  Either way, we are here to ensure you have best experience possible in your quest for a storage unit. The best way to shop for storage...period.   | back to top |