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Does the place you order your product from now send you SHOPPERS ALL YEAR ROUND?  Well, I guess now there is a better way. 

You are ordering product anyway; why not order from someone that sends you customers?  Order the same dollar amount in product in a year as one of our memberships costs, and get that membership for free!  For example, upickstorage.com’s Standard Membership is only $49 per month.  So to get the Standard Membership for free!  So to get the Standard Membership for free, order just $588 in product at anytime throughout the year, and your facility is on upickstorage.com’s Standard Membership for FREE!  If you order just $1188 anytime throughout a calendar in product from upickstoragesupplies.com we will set your facility up on our Professional Membership for free*!  That means every shopper we send to your facility is ABSOLUTELY FREE!  No reservation fees, no membership fees, no anything! 

By the way, you don’t have to order $600 worth of product NOW to enjoy UNLIMITED NEW RENTERS to your facility as a Standard Member, you simply need to make one order for ANY amount, and we will start your Standard Membership immediately.   Even if you make a small order, we will keep track of what you spend on upickstoragesupplies.com throughout the year.  You are already ordering product; why not order product from a company that sends you new shoppers all year long?  IT’S A NO BRAINER!

Each of our memberships include:
  • Detailed reports to know the exact number of rental requests we are sending your way
  • Access to an unlimited number of new renter referrals
  • Unlimited real-time access to your information and specials
  • Instant rental alerts by text, fax and/or email
  • Facility profile page
  • Unit description, hours, and amenities (with Professional or Standard)
  • General search listing for optimization
  • Single or multiple (optional) facility listing

    STANDARD Membership
    5 profile images
    5 line facility description
    2 “BUY NOW” specials
    $588 annually FREE(when you order $588 of product in a year)
    List your amenities, images and facility description.
    List and schedule pricing and specials for all your different unit sizes.

10 profile images
10 line facility description
10 “BUY NOW” specials
$1188 annually  FREE (when you order $1,188 of product in a year)
Customer purchases are greatly dependant on the amount of information available - at the time of purchase.
An elaborate facility profile helps distinguish you from your competitors and greatly increases the chance that the customer will choose your facility.


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  New Products For July  
Large Rubber Gloves
Large Rubber Gloves
1 1/2' Economy Duty Brass padlock
1 1/2" Economy Duty Brass padlock
1 1/2' Brass Master Lock Padlock
1 1/2" Brass Master Lock Padlock
1 3/4' Master Lock Laminated Padlock
1 3/4" Master Lock Laminated Padlock
Pallet Wrap
Pallet Wrap


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*Professional Membership is free once the facility orders more than $600 in product, but the facility must order $1,188 worth of product per year to qualify for Professional Membership.  This means NO RESERVATION FEES & NO MEMBERSHIP FEES; EVERY CUSTOMER UPICKSTORAGE.COM SENDS TO YOUR FACILITY IS ABSOLUTELY FREE!

*Standard Membership is free, but the facility is still responsible for a 50% of the agreed rental rate reservation fee concession.  The customer pays this by credit card to upickstorage.com and is discounted upon completion of rental at the facility.