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The Virtual Storage Manager at has changed the game again.  For the first time in industry history there is an automatic auction format for self storage unit rentals.  Up to this point, upickstorage has acted as a live interface between potential customers and facility owner/managers.  Of course, this was and is the first of its kind in this industry.  Now has made it even easier to showcase your inventory on the most innovative self storage search engine and new renter referral generation website.    

With the Virtual Storage ManagerTM function, just released, a facility owner/manager can go in and set the parameters they want for their inventory, and let the site counteroffer for you! 

At XYZ Storage in Austin, TX a 10x10 is $150.  The owner of XYZ Storage goes to and says that they would love to get $160 (ceiling price) for the 10x10, but they will take $140 (floor price) because they have 14 available right now.  Now the owner sets the threshold for the first counter at 50%, and sets the amount of times to counter at three.  This means that the first counter will go out at $150, the second counter will go out at $145, and the third and final counter will go out at $142 (rounded down from $142.50). 

This allows owner/manager to free up their time on the phone, or countering on the site in real time.  Owner/Managers will still be able to counter manually if preferred.  With the new function there is no time-commitment on the part of the owner/manager, simply set it and forget it, and accept new customers as they roll in. 

Another incredible feature in the new release is automatic inventory management.  With the freshly completed interface between all industry management softwares and, upickstorage can now receive automatic updates regarding your inventory and pricing in real time.  An owner/manager can choose a set markup across their inventory, and will counter between that criteria.  

XYZ Storage in Austin, TX uses CenterShift for their inventory management.  They have 14 10x10 units available at $150 a piece.  They set their markup at 10% which now puts their ceiling at $165 for the 10x10.  They set their threshold for counteroffers at 50%, and set it to counter three times.  The first counter offer will go out at $157 (rounded down from $157.50), the second will go out at $153 (rounded down from $153.50), and the third and final offer will go out at $151 (rounded down from $151.50). 

This real time inventory integration allows the owner/manager to update effortlessly.  This takes the headache of negotiation out of the hands of managers, and allows facilities to maintain rental-rate integrity better than ever before. believes that this will not only drive new customers to the industry, but will eliminate chaotic rate fluctuation industry wide. 

For more information on how to take advantage of the new industry standard in storage, go to  To sign up your facility to receive unlimited new renters call Brandon Braud with at 985.373.3695. 


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For the first time in industry history there is an automatic auction format for self storage unit rentals.
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